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Are you interested in applying for dentistry UCAS? You are not the only one who wants to try their hand in this field as dental care plays an important role in our society today. UCAS application requirements usually include a duly accomplished application form, resume, transcript of records, dean’s letter, letters of recommendation as well as the  dentistry personal statement.

Applying for UCAS dentistry means that you will need to prepare the requirements as early as possible so you will have more room to review your work and gather all the necessary papers for submission. Among the requirements that you need to fulfill include your application form, resume, transcript of records, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.

For many applicants, writing this part of their application is tough because they are not really sure how they’re going to start their paper not to mention how they’re going to make it stand out as well. If you are having the same problem, the best thing to do is to look for UCAS personal statement example that you can use as your guide to building a better statement to go along with your application and learn how to write a personal statement for dental school. The latter is one of the toughest for students to complete because many are not really comfortable about talking about themselves. Writing your own statement months before the application proper is a must if you want to be able to submit a well-written statement to go along with your UCAS application. This way, you will be able to make adjustments to it as you see fit so that it will come out just the way you have in mind.

Universities That Accept Dentistry UCAS

Just to give you an idea on which universities accept UCAS dentistry application, here are some that are worth mentioning:

  • Glasgow: this university has produced some of the most amazing minds and is considered as the leading university for dentistry courses based on the school’s academic and research output.
  • Cardiff: students are allowed to be flexible in their studies to ensure that they are learning at their own pace. Those who belong in the academe are experts in their specific fields.
  • Newcastle: this university accepts students that show more than just academic excellence. Aside from the student’s performance in UCAS examination, they are also interested to learn about the individual’s capabilities.
  • Manchester: open to students who have achieved excellence in their academics. They do not rely on the Tariff system of the UCAS but rather the equivalent qualifications.
  • Queen Mary: all applications sent to the university is reviewed based on its merits. Those who are applying for dentistry should have three A-levels at Grade A taken within a period of two years.
  • Dundee: the teaching standards in this university are high so you can expect qualified instructors teaching you dentistry. You will need to be interviewed if you are applying for dentistry.
  • Birmingham: undergraduate applicants that have A level or its equivalent will be accepted. Those who are from another country should show their mastery of both oral and written English.
  • Liverpool: academic and research excellence is what Liverpool is all about with the school opening its doors to applicants who have a tariff score of 420 for undergraduate programs.
  • King’s College London: all students that are qualified for the programs offered will be accepted. Flexible training structure is available here.
  • Leeds: the admission policy at Leeds is to provide equal access to the programs offered for those who show promise of excelling in their chosen field.

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Do’s and Don’ts of UCAS Dentistry Personal Statement

When it comes to writing your personal statement dentistry, you need to think about one thing and that is how to make your essay stand out. One of the tricks to achieve this is by studying samples online. Here you will gain insight on what kinds of information are being shared by applicants so you can think of a way to stand out. Think outside the box and don’t settle with using clichés for your introduction. Go for a unique piece rather than the usual staple. Don’t write anything that isn’t true. Keep in mind that fact-checking is often done.

One of the most effective ways of writing a personal statement dentistry is to learn how others have done their statements. You can do this by looking at various samples online so you will be able to compare them with one another. You can use the structure of their statements as your guide to writing your own personal essay but you need to think of what makes you unique. The goal of the personal statement is for you to talk about what makes you an ideal candidate for the program so jot down your strengths, your skills, and your experiences so you can choose those that are relevant for the dentistry course.

From there, you should start writing your essay using your notes. However, make sure that you do not copy content from another source as this can be easily checked. Stick to the facts as much as possible because telling a lie just to make you sound better won’t help you one bit. Don’t make the mistake of flattering the reader too because you won’t impress them either unless you talk about what makes you the best candidate for the program.

Tricks to Writing the Best UCAS Medicine Application Statement

How will you be able to make your dentistry UCAS personal statement capture the interest of your readers?

Here are some tricks to take note of:

  • Don’t mention any specific school: keep in mind that your UCAS application for dentistry will be sent to several schools at once. Using a specific name won’t sit well with other schools.
  • Write a great introduction: your introduction is where you will be able to hook your readers. Think about how you will pique the interest of your readers without resorting to clichés.
  • Focus on your strengths: your strengths are what set you apart from other applicants so focus your reader’s attention on them.
  • Be concise: your personal statement is usually short so keep your work concise so that all relevant information will be included in your statement.
  • Proofread and edit your work: it is important that you review the contents of your essay to see if there are any grammatical errors that you may have committed. Correct them accordingly.

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Impress Your Readers with the Best Dentistry UCAS Statement

Your dentistry UCAS application will stand out if you put a lot of effort into writing your personal statement. After all, this is where you get to talk more about yourself so this will be the best place for you to stand out. Check also a dentistry personal statement example and find out how to write it correct.

Your UCAS dentistry application won’t be complete without your personal statement so make sure that you work doubly hard on this part of your application. Take the time to go over your statement so you can spot if there are any errors that you need to work on. If you can, ask someone to review your essay so they will be able to give you their feedback.

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